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Your printed wedding photographs are there to keep the joy of your wedding day fresh forever.     The final album will preserve every moment for those that come to share your story in the years to come.

Ultimately, a wedding album will be the culmination of all your wedding plans and we look forward to creating it with you.

We work solely with the Italian wedding album manufacturer GraphiStudio, because we consider them to be the best.  There isn’t a wedding photography album anywhere that comes close to them in terms of materials quality and attention to detail. What we create will be unique and personal to you both, reflecting your style and your day.

Your GraphiStudio product is guaranteed to withstand the test of time; ensuring that future generations will also be able to treasure your images.


You can rest assured, that every album in our range uses the same high quality materials and workmanship, irrespective of your budget.  If right after your wedding isn’t the right time for you to be making such an important investment decision, you’ll get no pressure from us.  An investment in the right album that will last a lifetime is definitely worthy of the wait.

The Young Book

young book designOur Young Book is the ultimate in contemporary modern chic.  It departs from the classic curves familiar to many albums, but without any compromise on style .   The beauty of this album comes from the infinite combination of layout and colour options available to personalise your design.  It can be made from wood, leather, linen and many (many) other finishes,  which will ensure that this is your album, with your choices.

Every Young Book sits inside a bespoke fitted box which is completely customisable to match your album cover.

Find out more about the Graphistudio Young Book.

The Wedding Book

original-wedding-book-Kenmare-WeddingThe Wedding Book has set the standard in wedding albums for many years.  Graphistudio were the first company to introduce ‘lay flat print technology’ and you’ll see how special it is when you open it. You will be astonished when you see the HD print quality.  It is also a completely customisable album, available in the widest range of sizes and options, so whether you want something that is ultra traditional or right up to the minute, this album will do the job perfectly.

Find out more about the Wedding Book

The Digital Matted Album


Like all the albums in the GraphiStudio range, the Digital Matted Album is completely customisable.  The real versatility of the DMA lies within its pages.   We can produce selective finishes to each and every page  to create something that is truly a piece of art.

Each little detail of this luxury album is bespoke.   The infinite choice of material and colour combinations available create a seamless flow between the intimate, formal and uniquely personal moments of your day.  Subtle coatings and precision overlay effects add a tactile dimension that will make the finished product nothing short of breathtaking.

Every Digital Matted Album arrives in a stylish made to measure Studio Box with colour coordinated ribbon detail.

Find out more about the Digital Matted Album.

The Genuine Matted Album


The Genuine Matted Album is the epitome of traditional simplicity.  A full range of Graphistudio materials is available for the outside covering of this album.   One exquisite feature of the Genuine Matted Album is the real photographic mats that mount each image.  There are two styles to choose from, plain thin and a thicker, bevelled design.  You can choose from black or white mats and pages; combining the black and white on a single page can create a really striking visual impression.   If you are looking for something beautifully traditional, don’t choose your wedding book without a serious look at the Genuine Matted Album.

Find out more about the Genuine Matted Album.

How long does it take?

We schedule all of your image editing to take place immediately after your wedding.   We always aim to have your images available for you to view within 10 days of your wedding.  When you decide to start and how long you take over the process of choosing your images, style options and layout is entirely up to you.  Designing your album is a once in a lifetime experience and we want you to enjoy it.  It’s important that you are completely satisfied with your design, so we don’t place a limit on the number of edits you can make.

Once you have selected the images you’d like to include, we create a design proof for you to review.  Once you finalise your proof, we upload the design to the Graphistudio production site.  Graphistudio albums are made by hand to last a lifetime; this takes a little longer than off the shelf products, but you will usually have your finished product within six weeks.

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