Wedding Book

It’s easy to see why the Wedding Book has been a such firm favourite for so long;  the choice of size, layout, paper, covers and price is amazing, making it a perfect choice for couples that want to combine different image styles.   Your selection will harmonise fine art and reportage styles effortlessly across your spreads.

Like all the albums in the range, the wedding book features GraphiStudio’s revolutionary binding system that allows for perfectly flat opening and seamless panoramic imaging.   Each every book is lined with high quality spun cloth in a choice of shades to match your colour palette.



The album comes in five sizes and three formats; portrait 20cm cx 30cm (approx 8″ x 12″), 25cm x 35cm (approx 9.5″ x 13″), 30cm x 40cm (approx 12″ x 16″), 35cm x 45cm (approx 14″ x 18″) and 40cm x 50cm (approx 16″ x 20″); square 20cm x 20cm (approx 8″x8″), 25cm x 25cm (approx 9.5″x9.5″), 30cm x 30cm (approx 12″x12″), 35cm x 35cm (approx 14″x14″), 40cm x 40cm (approx 16″x16″); landscape 30cm x 20cm (approx 12″x8″), 35cm x 25cm (approx 13″x9.5″), 40cm x 30cm (approx 16″x12″), 45cm x 35cm (approx 18″x14″).  The album can accommodate anywhere between 10 pages (5 spreads) and 100 pages (50 spreads).

The foundations of your album

Pages are available in thin, thick or rigid design and the book block edge can be colour coordinated to match the covering of your album.   Specialist photographic papers including textured, metallic, pearl and deep matte are available to bring life to the images on each and every page.   A wide range of GraphiStudio covers including premium leathers, wood and crystal glance is available for this album and the cover can be personalised with text and graphics.

Your Wedding Book uncovered


Custom made inspiration

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