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Barnabrow House, Cork

Coming home to Ireland

Barnabrow House is one of my favourite Cork wedding photography venues. Mari-Clair met Liam in Australia and they came home to Ireland to celebrate their wedding with family and friends at stylish Barnabrow House.  A significant proportion of our Cork wedding photography see couples coming home to Ireland from afar and all the wedding photography consultation and preparation was done remotely.  Meeting our couples online is a totally different communication dynamic; the meetings take a little more preparation to make absolutely sure that everything gets covered and we’re all on the same page. 

Cork Wedding Photography Referrals

Like much of my Cork wedding photography work, Liam and Mari-Clair came to me via referral.  It was great to have met them both at the wedding of another family member.  The great thing about referrals is that couples can have a little more confidence that they are making the right choice; in their case, they’d seen me at work and they’d also seen the full set of wedding photographs that we produced.  They said they chose me because they liked the ‘in the moment’, relaxed style of my wedding photography.   With their wedding being a rare opportunity for them to get together with their Irish family and friends, they definitely didn’t want the flow of their day to be dominated by their wedding photography.

Barnabrow House Wedding Photography

Barnabrow Country House in Cork is a dream for any Cork Wedding Photographer.  It’s a beautiful venue inside and out. Like many wedding venues in this part of the world, they are more than prepared for any weather-related turn of events and that is a real bonus in terms of the photography.  

There are so many outdoor locations to choose from; whatever the weather, there are naturally lit spots with a reasonable amount of shade.  The weather couldn’t have been nicer for Mari-Clair and Liam, so we really got to make the most of the gardens for their wedding photography.

Interior spaces at Barnabrow House

If you’re a Cork photographer planning an inside wedding at Barnabrow House, it’s worth giving special consideration to both the ambient lighting and your positioning for the ceremony.  The ceremony space is absolutely beautiful – but it does have significant natural light flowing in behind which can be an issue if you are unprepared from a photography perspective.   If you are a Cork wedding photographer that prides yourself on an unobtrusive service, be sure to position yourself carefully for the ceremony; on the one hand, it’s a space that really lends itself to intimate couple shots, but on the other, there isn’t a great deal of space to move around out of sight – so you’re likely to find yourself fairly static if you want to avoid creating a distraction!

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Cork Wedding Photographer

If you’re looking for a Cork wedding photographer, we’d love to hear about your plans and show you the wedding photography packages and fabulous wedding album range that we have on offer!

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