Destination Weddings in Ireland

If you’ve picked Kenmare, wider Kerry or Cork as the location for your Irish destination or elopement wedding, you really couldn’t have made a better choice!  It has a great selection of world class wedding venues that will give you a warm welcome all year round.  Best of all, stunning scenery stretching in every direction is guaranteed to add something really special to your photographs.

We're right here!

We’d hate you to miss out on special details of our service just because you’re arranging your wedding from afar; so we do everything we can to make sure that you don’t!  This comes as part of our standard wedding photography service, if you need it.

We offer round the clock wedding consultations via whichever method suits you best; Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook or telephone.   There’s no need to rush your decisions; we’ll keep in regular email contact in the build up to your wedding, so that we’re on hand to listen to your ideas and offer advice as your plans develop.   We warmly welcome all your photography ideas, so if you want to add us to your Pinterest, Instagram or Google Circle, you can easily loop us into your favourite images and styles as you go along.

Kerry and Cork wedding venue images

We work closely with a variety of excellent Irish wedding service providers.  If you need images of your Kenmare, Kerry or Cork wedding venue or the surrounding environment, we’re more than happy to organise them.   We can also arrange for special photography permits on your behalf, should these be required.   Some of the local venues that we work with most often are featured in our Blogs, and wedding photography galleries so be sure to check that out.  Your venue will play a big part in your images, so we’ve included both wedding images and environmental shots in the gallery; we hope they give you a real feel for the location and fuel your photographic aspirations!

Last minute?

We’d love to meet you in person before the big day, so any time you’re in the area or during the few days before the wedding we’ll treat you to a coffee, some cake and a chat; if you’d like a pre-wedding shoot to calm your nerves, or as an intimate memento of your stay, we can do this right up to the eve of your event.

Hanging around?

If you’re staying around after your destination wedding and you’re keen to see your wedding photographs straight away, we will prioritise your initial post production editing work so that you can view a selection before you leave.   As well as great coffee on offer, you can see your wedding photographs on the big screen and view them as many times as you like.

We have the best range of luxury wedding albums available for you to see in the studio.  All our album choices, colour and material options can be viewed online; we also have swatches and design choices on display, so go ahead – unleash your inner designer!  Just want to browse?  No problem – there’s no hard sell, we just love showing them off!

Before you leave us, we’ll upload an online gallery and check that you can access it on your mobile device or tablet; you’ll be able to enjoy your images again over an intimate dinner, during your honeymoon, or on the long journey home.

On the go?

If you prefer to take things at a more leisurely pace,  we’ll agree a schedule for editing and production.  Even if you’ve taken the opportunity to see your initial cut in the studio, your pictures undergo a final editing process to make sure you get the best possible selection.   In general this relates to ensuring even colours and tones for images taken in varied lighting conditions; we also make minor edits to remove any unsightly objects that might have found their way into your candid shots.   After that, we’ll set up your private online viewing area and you can view your images in the comfort of your home, wherever in the world you are.

We can send our wedding albums anywhere in the world

We ship all our wedding albums, frames and presentation products worldwide, so there’s no need to let your destination wedding become a distant memory!

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