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 serenity comes as standard. 

Dromquinna Manor is a dream for all wedding couples. Sitting alongside the magnificent Kenmare Bay, with the Beara Mountains to the South.  There are so many options for your images, meaning that you’ve no need to be more than 5 minutes from your guests, wherever you choose. 

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Some Dromquinna Manor Wedding Highlights

We’ve been working alongside the team at Dromquinna Manor since 2012 and whilst there are always familiar faces, every wedding is unique.  The hospitality they offer is all about detail and style. 

The house and furnishings create a spectacular backdrop for your day.

Check our availability for your Dromquinna Wedding

If you’re considering Dromquinna for your Cork or Kerry wedding, we’d love to hear what you have in mind.  Why not drop us a line and find out about our availability?  Not only do have all the local knowledge you need, we also work with a great network of service providers.  From the moment you engage me as your wedding photographer, I’ll be= on hand to help you in any way we can.

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Nick Cavanagh is qualified and accredited by both the Federation of European Photographers and the British Institute of Professional Photography.  We uphold the values and standards of both professional bodies in everything we do.

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