There is no denying that getting hitched in 2021/2022 is an expensive venture.  Wedding vendors are generally quite specialised but more often than not, you get what you pay for when it comes to quality.  Unless you’ve got money to burn though, it’s important to set a wedding budget and even more important that your budget is realistic.  Around a third of couples say their actual wedding costs exceeded the budget they had set, so be prepared!

Plan your wedding cost budget

Play around with our Irish wedding cost calculator tool to get a general feel for the different elements of likely cost that are involved for the kind of wedding you have in mind.  It’s important to be realistic about your plans and what you can afford.  The reality is that for many people, this means compromising and making hard choices about what they’d really like above all else.   Remember, that whilst we have quoted some ‘average’ and ‘typical’ prices, there is no ‘average’ or ‘typical’ wedding; the magic combination of ingredients that will make your wedding special are unique to you.   

For you, it may be about the time spent with loved ones and limiting your financial outlay; or it may be important to you to spoil your wedding guests with plenty of fine food and drink.  Alternatively, you may be someone that wants to tip the balance of the budget into those things you will get lasting pleasure from such as your rings or your photographs.  These are very personal choices, and more often than not, there will be some degree of compromise or prioritisation to achieve a perfect balance.

Remember - it's your wedding and your priorities

Don’t despair if your initial estimate causes you a sharp intake of breath.  You may have to compromise here and there, but many of these choices won’t be difficult once you’ve worked out the relative costs of what’s most important to you.  Remember too that these costs are based on ‘average’ vendor list prices for a weekend wedding and don’t take into account special offers, midweek package deals or a bit of smart negotiating. 

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Wedding Service / Ceremony

Prices vary according to experience and size – but assumes 1-2 musicians

Wedding Reception / Venue

Number of adult guests
Prices vary anywhere between €1,000 and €5,000 depending on the demand and experience of the band

Other Individual Items

Invitations, cards, table settings
Flowers – we’ve included fairly moderate costs here – you may pay 2-3 times as much for large volumes, out of season or rare blooms
Professional hair and makeup for bridal party (excluding rehearsals and consultations)
Wedding Cake
Your Photography Service
Your Videography Service
Wedding Car
Wedding Dress
(average spent by brides is somewhere in the region of €2,000)

The costs included in this estimator tool represent a survey of current vendor list prices and spend values.

Total estimated cost€ 

Tips to stretch your budget

Pick your date

Consider flexibility around the timing of your event; out of season and mid-week weddings can bring huge savings across the board of service providers.

Choose your package

Package deals can offer great savings, but only if you’re getting what you really want!  Ask about the flexibility of your package; aim to eliminate items that are not important to you and make savings to upgrade those that are!


Do your research in advance.  Ask around and scan the internet to find out what the main elements of each service might be and always take notes when you’re talking to vendors.  That way you will be able to ask specific questions about what is included and you will know that you are comparing like with like.  

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Whilst whilst you might get a feel for a vendor through their testimonials, reviews or ratings, always try to track down referrals from people you know or your social network if you can.  If you can find them, these are likely to be much stronger indicators.  Unsolicited referrals from trusted service providers can also be a positive sign – no professional wants to recommend a service that they don’t trust.  Many service providers in an area will have worked with a range of related vendors; they will have seen first hand (or heard from their couples!) how a particular service provider has performed within a particular price range.

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And finally...

A little reasonable negotiation here and there isn’t going to drive anyone out of business.  Shaving costs off for things that you’re not that fussy about is in everyone’s interests; remember that a great deal may not necessarily be cheaper, but you may be able to upgrade, or add extras within the price you pay.

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