Holy Flowers Batman!


Holy Flowers Batman!

Carol and Jimmy were to be the first couple that we saw affected by the pandemic. Their big day was all planned for April and then we planned to re-arrange in the summer. 

Imagine their frustration when the day they had initially planned turned out to be the most glorious spring weather.   It must have seemed like the world was against them!

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Carol and Jimmy opted for our To Have and Hold Box.  It includes 100 prints, a small album and a USB stick.  Perfect for small weddings!

Thankfully, as you can see they managed to re-arrange quickly when Ireland opened up.  The Park Hotel welcomed them as if they were their first guests ever (though to be fair that’s what they do for everyone).   

We do work closely with a lot of Kenmare wedding suppliers and it’s always good to see Denise from Kenmare Flowers turn up on the day with button holes and bouquets.   Capturing the floral displays before the start of the day is important for any wedding photographer. It’s a great way to get close up with the detail.   I honestly had no idea about the buttonholes . Holy Smoke!
Lego Batman and Robin had sneaked in

The Batman / Robin Lego  buttonholes were as cool as they were hilarious. Tiny aspects of a wedding day like this do have a ripple effect.   

The ancient Celtic handfasting ceremony was held on the veranda overlooking Reenagross Country Park.  Perfect weather, brilliant family, amazing location!   What more could you want? 

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