Surprise Kerry Wedding Proposal

With three months to arrange his surprise wedding proposal.  Sam sent an email asking about the possibility of us capturing the big moment in Kenmare.   Sam and Taylor were visiting Kenmare from Dallas on an all Ireland Vagabond coach tour. This amazing trip was initially booked to celebrate an important birthday and during a couple of secretive zoom calls it became clear that Kenmare was definitely the place for him.

When Sam asked about specific location ideas (he’d never visited County Kerry) we agreed that Cromwell’s Bridge would be ideal.  This unique bridge is one of Kenmare’s best kept secrets. It has nestled right in the centre of town for nearly 700 years and yet is always such a quiet spot with the shallow river running beneath. 


Sam and I had arranged that I would be there waiting in place, supposedly capturing images of daffodils.  I’d seemingly played the part so convincingly that when Taylor spotted me (and before the proposal) she’d told Sam to be quiet as I was taking photographs.  Of course she said yes, but I had actually imagined the proposal was going to take place at the foot of the bridge.  It was only as Taylor ran up and started to climb I realised a bigger picture was starting to emerge!


It was such a beautiful spring evening and all made possible with tight joint co-ordination with Vagabond Small Tours. They adapted their breakfast plan to allow Sam and Taylor the opportunity to have a very early studio shoot the next morning!  As you can see Taylor was beaming and applauded his effort, the planning was super , the weather amazing and he did a perfect job selecting the ring.  I’m sure Ireland is set in their hearts.  Happy days and years ahead!

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Nick Cavanagh is qualified and accredited by both the Federation of European Photographers and the British Institute of Professional Photography.  We uphold the values and standards of both professional bodies in everything we do.

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